Animatable – HTML5 / CSS3 Easy Animation

As I was scrolling through my Google reader, I ran across a neat application called Animatable. The application has not been launched to the public yet, but the core concept is easily understood from its landing page. “Create, serve and track HTML5/CSS3 animations for desktop, Android, Blackberry QNX, iOS and WebOS mobile devices.”

In essence Animatable is an application that allows you to create cross browser animation in a simple to use interface. If you have ever used Windows Movie Maker, an Adobe product, or even Microsoft applications for a few years, you will feel comfortable tackling the user interface.

animatable If you hover over the green arrow on the bottom of the page, it moves and places dots along the graph. It is quite an impressive animation for CSS3 if you think about the complexity that this would normally involve or at least the FLASH application work that would be needed. This removes Flash and makes it cross browser friendly. I love the concept that the Animatable team has developed and can see the value in their work. This could easily become a huge resource for developers since it provides the functionality in one central location.

The Animatable team includes: Naomi Atkinson, Andy Clarke, Mircea Piturca and Dan Rubin.

Check out their video for a detailed analysis and demo.

Extra note: iPad version: we are building a web-based, in-browser tool — as such we are doing our best to make sure it works on iPad.
It would be very impressive if they built the app such that it would responsive to a tablet or mobile device. The web is sure getting exciting with these new HTML5 and CSS3 animation features!