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Major Changes to CSS Gradients

One of the easiest and most effective ways of speeding up a web site is to replace background images with CSS3. A linear gradient defines a color change along a specified line. Each point on the line has a particular color. The width of the line, perpendicular to the direction of the line, extends to […]

CSS3 Selectors module with three attribute selectors

The CSS3 Selectors module introduces three new attribute selectors, which are grouped together under the heading “Substring Matching Attribute Selectors”. These new selectors are as follows: [att^=val] – the “begins with” selector The “begins with” selector allows for the selection of elements where a specified attribute (e.g. the href attribute of a hyperlink) begins with […]

Using CSS3 To Design Web Pages To Display Properly On Multiple Devices

The Problem Web development has become a bit more complicated, now that more and more people access the Internet using their tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. Gone are the simple days of fixed-width web page layouts, and the messy stop-gap innovation that resulted from this — using tables as layout devices. Liquid layouts soon […]

20 Amazing Tools For Responsive Web Design by MarkupBox

Creating a responsive theme has become more and more prominent as the mobile world has started to take over the digital marketplace. Companies need to take into account the tablet and mobile phone world because people are beginning to make purchases from them. Whether you are marketing groceries, apps, or metal, it is important to […]

CSS3 Images End-Game: Gradient Changes

CSS3 Gradients are a huge bonus to cutting edge browsers. They help eliminate the need for image editing programs for elements like buttons. If you are having trouble developing a gradient, look at this online css3 gradient generator. A BOX OF GRADIENTS background: -webkit-gradient(linear, 0 0, 0 100%, from(red), to(blue)); What type of gradient? (linear) […]

CSS3 Transitions – transition-timing-function

There is a specific article on that I wanted to cover. It involves CSS3 transitions and how to stack and combine transitions. The transition-timing-function property is used to specify how the pace of the transition changes over its duration. This can be done in one of two ways. Either by specifying a number of […]

Animatable – HTML5 / CSS3 Easy Animation

As I was scrolling through my Google reader, I ran across a neat application called Animatable. The application has not been launched to the public yet, but the core concept is easily understood from its landing page. “Create, serve and track HTML5/CSS3 animations for desktop, Android, Blackberry QNX, iOS and WebOS mobile devices.” In essence […]

CSS3 Generator .com

CSS3 is a pretty intuitive tool. It allows you to prototype ideas with CSS3 without actually needing any coding experience. The precision and accuracy of the tool have been confirmed. I was worried when it was giving me cross browser compatibility compliance, but after verifying with the CSS standards and practical testing, everything that […]

9Lessons: Multiple Form Submission

Sergio had sent me a very impressive link that had helped him out a few weeks back. How do you submit multiple forms with jQuery and Ajax? Well if you think about Facebook for a minute, each box that you are posting to is an instance of a form. This means that there needs the […]

15 Dynamic CSS3 Menus from CodeCanyon Sellers

CSS3 is changing how we build websites. Javascript and images are being replaced with CSS3 animations and properties. What was once required to be an image is now built in CSS3. One of the best examples of this is the rounded corners on menus or buttons. The ability for CSS3 and cross browser compatibility is […]