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The 9 Awe Inspiring CSS3 Websites of Quarter 1 – 2012

Alright so I might have been a little biased on these decisions, but I went with websites that I have run across and felt they deserved to be pointed out. They offer a lot of unique CSS3 features and give a great user experience without sacrificing performance or site structure. Here are 9 awe inspiring css3 websites […]

Moz and Webkit Pulsing Animation for Text with CSS3

Hello World! So after the last tutorial on styling our menu, we are going to look into animations involving CSS3. We are going to be applying the webkit animation properties to text elements inside of a specific div tag, but you can truly do this with any dom element on the page. This is what […]

Outstanding New Menu Method with CSS3

So you saw the button tutorial and thought to yourself how could I make this better? Well it would help if you could apply the same style to all aspects of your website giving off a consistent look and feel. So here I am to proudly present an outstanding new menu method with CSS3. The […]

Basic Pure CSS3 Form Styling. No JS Required.

Pure CSS3 form styling is becoming more popular. It has its drawbacks, but the increased loading time from the traditional JS overlay is wasted tenths of seconds when talking about optimizing to maximize for your entire audience. Most forms are fairly straight forward and only utilize inputs and text areas rather than radios and check […]

Write blog articles for is looking for inspired individuals that would like to contribute with interesting and compelling posts to this website. Not interested in copy and pasting content from other sites, instead, someone that likes writing about CSS/CSS3/Web Development/Design/etc. Consider also commenting on good articles and blog posts from other sites, and contributing with tricks, cool shortcuts […]