Content, Presentation, Behaviour – 3 kids of scalable UI

‘HTML’ has been here for years, since the origin of WWW, and soon afterwards W3C came up with a standard called ‘CSS’ to control the ‘Browser war’, and ‘Javascript’ followed the suit, in a bid to make a more loosely typed language, by a smart professional called ‘Brendan Eich‘ for Netscape.

Having originated for different reasons, each of these are slowly changing the face of the worldwideweb, together, for a noble cause – Web Standards! Just like the 5 elements of life, now it is possible to define the 3 elements of scalable UI design – ‘Content’ ‘Presentation’ & ‘Behaviour’. ‘Content’ – gracefully degraded by semantic HTML/XHTML, ‘Presentation’ – smartly rendered by an optimized Cascading Style Sheet, ‘Behaviour’ – brought to life by unobtrusive Javascript !

Each of these topics are as vast as the worldwideweb itself, and each minute, a new way of doing things is discovered and re-discovered. The pace at which the network is growing, poses a great challenge for those preachers and soldiers guarding the universal standard of web, and the challenge lies in flourishing the awareness of standards among the community and to build a standard compliant world. Everyday a new page with some dirty inline styles / semantically wrong html tag finds its place on the web and this adds to the vicious cycle of design – undesign – redesign. But whatever be the cause of a wrongly coded page / site on web, these 3 dashing kids of UI design are here to stay and to win the heart of all.

Lets vow towards a better web for tomorrow and for god’s sake, lets walk that extra mile to make that complex XHTML structure a semantic one ;)