Fingerprint Background Checks

When it comes to background checks, a common topic is the advantages of fingerprint background checks versus regular background checks. Fingerprint background checks are becoming more common today due to technology (pop over to this page to learn more). They are more frequently conducted than physical fingerprint searches which can take weeks to complete. Fingerprint […]

Applying CSS to HTML

Style Sheets can be added to a html document in three (3) different ways. External Style Sheet Internal/Embedded Style Sheet Inline Style Sheet External Style Sheet This format would be most ideal when applying to more than one html document.  An external file will be created and a link will be placed in each document. […]

CSS3 Borders

One of the new exciting technologies introduced in CSS3 is that borders can have round corners, they can also have shadows and images can be used as borders. The new border properties in CSS3 are: -border-radius  -border-shadow -border-image border-radius allows one to edit all four corners of the border. border-shadow allows one to add a […]

CSS3 Flexible Box / FlexBox

Key Words & Phrases Flex Container -Parent element in which flex item are located in Flex item -The child of a flex container (the parent). Direction -Leftwards -Rightwards -Downwards -Upwards What Are Flexible Box/Flex Box Flexible Box/Flex Box is a box model optimized for interface design in CSS3. One of the major pros of flexible […]