Text in some languages flows from right to left, while many other languages flow from left to right. There will inevitably be cases where left to right text and right to left content must be intermingled. Unicode allows for a complex process of determining the directional flow of content based on properties of the characters and content, as well as explicit controls for language "embeddings" and directional overrides. This algorithm should be used with bi-directional content as formatted by CSS. The 'unicode-bidi' and 'direction' properties specify how document content maps to the Unicode algorithm.

The 'direction' property specifies the base direction (reading order) for text content in an element. It is also meant to control the directionality of table columns, text overflow and positioning of justified text.

div { unicode-bidi: embed; direction: rtl }
Bidi content right to left

Possible Values
inherit: Explicitly sets the value of this property to that of the parent.
ltr: Text flow is left-to-right.
rtl: Text flow is right-to-left.

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