This shorthand property is used when the author wishes to change the default display characteristics of list-markers in HTML list structures. An author can specify location of the marker, a graphic to be used and/or a standard set of symbols. Keywords may come in any order, but using multiple keywords that control the same behavior is not allowed. If a [list-style-image] is specified for the list marker, it will be used in place of any [list-style-type] also specified. Nevertheless, a [list-style-type] should always be specified in the event the [list-style-image] can not be loaded. A value of 'none' for the 'list-style' property should set both 'list-style-type' and 'list-style-image' to 'none.'

ul { list-style: square inside url(http://www.foo.com/bullet.gif) } 
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