Colors on CSS3

Color formats in CSS2 Hex format – #cccccc Shorthand hex format – #ccc rgb() format – rgb (red, green, blue) Named colors – white, red, blue, etc New color formats in CSS3 HSL – hsl(hue, saturation, lightness) CMYK – cmyk(cyan, magenta, yellow, black) HSLA – hsla(hue, saturation, lightness, alpha) RGBA – rgba(red, green, blue, alpha) […]

Checkerboard, striped & other background patterns with CSS3 gradients

Easy bay to create multicolored CSS backgrounds with patterns.


Here is a very simple example showing the use of multiple background images in one div. Is this the end of nested elements with tons of CSS to create a layered effect? Hope so. #multipleBG { border: 5px solid #cccccc; background:url(img1) top left no-repeat, url(img2) bottom left no-repeat, url(img3) bottom right no-repeat; padding: 15px 25px; […]

Web 3.0 is around the corner !

Web 2.0 – It was a huge step forward for the www, where we saw and continue to experience various ways of information sharing which in turn has resulted to a proliferation of content / data, be it user generated or not. This second generation of web has already changed the way a netizen browse […]

How ‘not’ to write a Stylesheet !

We have a heap of tuts / resources over the web telling us what standards to follow, what are the best practices, what is the optimal way to build something and so on, and when it comes to Web Standards, we are blessed to have some really genuine contributors / gurus who fill-up the web […]

Content, Presentation, Behaviour – 3 kids of scalable UI

‘HTML’ has been here for years, since the origin of WWW, and soon afterwards W3C came up with a standard called ‘CSS’ to control the ‘Browser war’, and ‘Javascript’ followed the suit, in a bid to make a more loosely typed language, by a smart professional called ‘Brendan Eich‘ for Netscape. Having originated for different […]

The new HTML kid on the block !

Hope you all have heard that behind-the-scene progress of the new version of HTML, is cruising through. There are some good news for those preachers of web standards who give importance to the semantically correct web. With the the new version of HTML (HTML 5), still gazing towards the recommendation stage (the specification is not […]

‘Access Keys’ for Accessible UI

Making a web experience memorable and more accessible to all the users out there is really a daunting task. There are huge amount of techniques and approaches, that can be applied to a web presence to make it more accessible. Here is one among them – ‘ACCESS KEYS’ ‘Access keys’ offer a convenient mechanism for […]

Web Fonts… where are we?

A comprehensive look at the quickly-changing font embedding landscape. I contributed a brief article along the same lines in the most recent issue of .NET magazine, but two months after writing it’s already out of date. more

CSS-Only form

A great example of a table-less form created by Jeff Howden. A real time saver for web developers: