Link Thumbnail with CSS

A great way of previewing what the link you are about to click is about. Why send your users to a website they dont wanna go? Let them preview it through a thumbnail:

Star Ratings

You see theese more and more. Mostly on CSS Galleries, Netflix, etc. Here’s a looooooong but very interesting article on how to put stars on your already-rocking website:…

Target WHO?

Let users decide if they want to open a link in a new window or not. A good article on the subject:… Oh yeah, the link above opens a new window :)

You will never ask about round corners again!

A massive set of techniques to create rounded corners with CSS. Some use images for the corners, some dont. Try the different methods and see what matches your preference. I personally think: The less images the better, but it all depends on what you are trying to create. Enjoy:…

CSS Tab Menus!

A great set of CSS Menus created by exploding boy. Take a look at the source code and notice how each menu code is segmented so that it’s easy to follow.